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Carl Kenney

Co-founder & COO
Arlington, VA
I am the co-founder and COO of Phalanx, a data security startup founded in January 2021. We're looking forward to connecting with people at RVASec to discuss challenges with data security, human error, secure file transfer/storage, and encryption. My co-founder and CEO, Ian Garrett, will presenting on Friday at 2:00. The name of his talk is "To Err is Human: Combating Human Error in the Future of Healthcare Cybersecurity."

Phalanx stops cyber threats at the human layer with Zero Trust Data Security. Human error and productivity shortcuts increase cyber risk and data loss. Phalanx pairs firsthand security experience with automation for seamless data security designed for users without sacrificing productivity.

Phalanx is an endpoint and web application that automates file-level security with industry-standard encryption algorithms and Zero Trust principles. Phalanx allows secure sharing across any platform as the encryption follows the data regardless of where it resides.

If you are interested in Phalanx please reach out to us at info@phalanx.io or if you want to learn more about us please visit us at phalanx.io

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